If You Are Selling Digital and Informational Products Online or eBay … then it is time for you to discover the ground-breaking system that will take your business to the next level!

“Manage the Sales of Your Digital Products on ALL your Websites and eBay Accounts from a SINGLE Centralized Location and Automatically Send Your Digital Products & CD's To Your Customers Instantly, Even if Your Computer is Turned Off..."

“Discover The Biggest Internet Marketing Secret And
Get A 24/7 Employee Working For YOU – Without
Paying Any Salary”

If you are selling digital or informational products ANYWHERE ONLINE then you MUST discover the ONE-STOP state-of-the-art solution that will turn your marketing, your list-building, and your business into an automated money-making machine!


Have you ever felt like you needed you own full-time employee to handle the delivery of your products, the customer service, and all of your “up-keep” work so that you can focus on actually making money?

Are you searching for a way to get around EBay’s ban of digital products and get back that income that you lost – without having to burn CDs, print labels, and stand in line at the post office to ship these products?

Are you desperate for an all-in-one solution that will not only manage all of your products and all of your customers  – but also convert your informational and digital products into physical CDs and DVDs AND ship them for you… as soon as you receive your payment totally Hands Free?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions then I think it’s time for you to discover the best-kept secret in internet marketing today and get everything you need to put your business on auto-pilot.

It’s Time for You to Discover MyDigitalDispatch!

MyDigitalDispatch is like having a virtual secretary – working for you 24/7 – to handle all of your delivery, shipping and customer service needs! And it will even give you the solution you need to start selling your digital products on EBay AGAIN!


MyDigitalDispatch allows you to:

Guarantee delivery of your eBooks and your informational products DIRECTLY to you customers IMMEDIATELY after the purchase is complete…no more useless refunds and no more customer service!
  Continue to sell your digital products on EBay with an up-to-date solution that stays within EBay’s new policy rules!
Automatically turn your digital products into physical CDs and DVDs – and then ship them for you as soon your payment is received… you don’t have to lift one finger! [this is done through kunaki integration]
Generate more new leads that you can handle, increase your customer base and skyrocket your sales!
Automatically add customers to your autoresponder service (works with all autoresponder services and software) and keep a segmented list… you will be able to instantly mail customers that bought a particular product or products!
Never again worry about shipping or sending a product without payment – MyDigitalDispatch is intuitive and keeps track of who has paid and who hasn’t!
Set-up instant upsells and backend sales with just a few clicks of your mouse!
Automatically build HUGE lists and capture the physical addresses of your customers!
Protect your eBooks from cyber thieves and keep your PayPal download link hidden!
Monitor ALL the sales from ALL your websites and ALL your eBay accounts in one convenient location!
Boost your eBay positive feedback with fantastic remarks!
MyDD will combine all the CDs and DVDs a customer purchased from you and sends it to Kunaki as ONE order so that you can save money on shipping! More savings = More money you KEEP
Get ALL of this WITHOUT a monthly fee!


MyDD Integrates with at least the Following:

and MUCH MORE...

If You Are Doing Everything Yourself, Then
You Will Never Get Anything Done!

How many hours a week do you spend manually sending your customer’s your digital products?

How many hours a week do you spend manually burning CDs, DVDs, printing labels, stuffing envelopes and standing in line at the post office waiting to mail your CDs or DVDs to your customers?

How many times have you thought that your autoresponder system was working just fine – only to be bombarded with “I NEVER RECEIVED MY PRODUCT” emails?

How much of your time is dedicated to managing and organizing your customers, your lists and your sales reports?

You are probably wasting hours and hours each week doing this follow-up work, this grunt work… the work that you really never thought that you would have to do when you started your online business.

You are trying to do everything yourself and you are getting caught in the “up-keep trap”! I have to tell you… you are just wasting your valuable time because there is a MUCH, MUCH easier option!

I want you to imagine spending the time that you dedicate to “up-keep” on working on new projects and discovering new endeavors so that you can actually Make MORE Money

I want you to just imagine being able to handle all of this tedious work in only minutes a day. Imagine having your very own secretary that does all the work for you – without any mistakes!

You are starting to understand just how powerful and dynamic this all-in-one solution truly is, aren’t you?

Hi Socrates,

I still can't believe what you did. You have actually given me more of the best resource humans have in their possession; Time! I still remember how I was sending my ebooks manually. So much time wasted in front of my pc, copying and pasting time and time again....not to mention the angry emails for late delivery (by late I mean a few hours). Now they have their ebook within minutes of their purchase...they are happy ...I'm happy...my friends are happy because they see me more, and my bank account is happier because I have the time to do more! Why work hard, when you can work smart with myDD? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Stelios Eleftheriou

With MyDigitalDispatch You Aren’t Just Going To Save Time…
You Are Going To Turn Your Online Business Into An
Automated Money-Making Machine!

You know that MyDigitalDispatch is going to give you everything that you need to manage and monitor the sale of your digital products – without ever worrying about theft of non-payment.

You know that you are going to finally have the option to turn your digital products into physical products by burning, printing and shipping CDs and DVDs without ever lifting a finger.

You know that you are going to have the opportunity to sell your informational products on EBay again – without breaking any rules.

You know that you are going to build huge lists of clients with ease and you know that you are going to have a TON of free time to enjoy – or to work on new products.

And all of those amazing factors are reason enough to start utilizing the power and effectiveness of MyDigitalDispatch.

"I have seen a dramatic increase in sales and positive remarks in my Ebay store since using MyDD..."

Since using MyDD I have been able to completely automate my product delivery system. Not only can my items be delivered while I sleep, it also makes sure my items are only delivered if the correct amount is paid. It is such a great time saver and headache eraser. All I have to do is check my delivery report for a few minutes a day and see that all my customers have received their items. No more having to send them one by one manually by email. It's all done automatically and for a fraction of the cost. I worthy investment.

I can now spend more time with family and friends and just respond to email questions from my cell phone. The other great thing that I like is that I can keep all my customer contacts ready to be downloaded to a .csv file complete with address and emails for future use and promotions. Something Paypal does not provide.

I have seen a dramatic increase in sales and positive remarks in my Ebay store since using MyDD. Having an automatic digital delivery programs attracts more customers to my store and allows for increased impulse buyers, like selling candy at the checkout counter.

Craig Johnson


But with MyDigitalDispatch you are also going to have the option to increase your profits by 30% - OVERNIGHT - without ever increasing your advertising costs or adding more work to your busy schedule.


With MyDigitalDispatch you are going to have the opportunity to finally start utilizing upsells and back-end sales INSTATNLY!

Let’s say that you sell an eBook for $10, and you average about 10 sales a day. With those numbers you are going to make $100 every day and $36,500 a year. (EBook sales really add up, don’t they?)

Now everyone will tell you that if you offer an upsell approximately 30% of your customers will bite because they are in the “buying mood” – and it doesn’t even matter what that upsell is!

Now if you say that 30% of those 10 orders you get everyday buy your upsell (that you are charging an additional $10 for) then you are looking at an additional $10,950 EACH YEAR!

Is this money that you want to be cashing in on? Is this money that you want to stop leaving on the table and start depositing into your bank account?

Well, with MyDigitalDispatch you are going to be able to set-up your upsells and your backend sales easily and have them collecting you EXTRA money completely automatically.

" My Sales have Doubled since I 've added MyDD "

Hi my name is Brenda and I'm really really pleased on how MyDD performs well I'll say it's remarkable it sure has saved me a lot of time & extra work time on having to send out emails to my customers when they buy my products. I've only been selling my ebooks a short time but with MyDD (MydigitalDispatch) it’s a lifesaver my sales have doubled since I've added MyDD to my business. My income has gone up at least by 25% and I look for that to go even higher as the days go by. As for my free time well since I've added MyDD I have a lot of free time for keeping caught up on my other things that needs to be done. When someone buys an ebook from me MyDD sends them a response to tell them how much that they need to pay & when they pay for it like by paypal MyDD responds and tells them where to go to download it right then no waiting. MyDD will even let them know if they didn't pay enough so they can repay all I can tell you are that I couldn't do without MyDD.

Brenda Patton


But that’s not the only way that MyDigitalDispatch offers you to earn extra money without any extra work. You are also going to be able to capitalize on:

Automated List-Building Features
Sell your Products on CDs & DVDs totally hands free
Personalize Emails
Digital Security Protection
Product Payment Assurance

MyDigitalDispatch Is So Simple To Set-Up And Use
that ANYONE Can Master It!

When you set-up MyDigitalDispatch you don’t have to worry about any technical or confusing information… in fact, you can have it completely set-up in about 2 minutes!

All you have to do is upload the files to your web host, run the program, fill in the blanks, click next a couple of times and... Voila! EVERYTHING you need is set up and ready to start automating your business and your life! Even if you do have problems I have put together a helpful support team that will be there to help you along the way.

Just look at some of these screenshots below to see for yourself…

Look at the screenshots below to see how the admin area looks like:

(Scroll Down to see all screenshots)

And I Have Only Really Scratched the Surface on What MyDigitalDispatch Can Do For You and Your Business

Just take a second and look over all the features that you are going to get when you order MyDigitalDispatch right now.

  You can have Unlimited Products
You can have Unlimited Email Messages
Shopping Cart Support
Integration with your autoresponder
You can sell Multiple Items in ONE Auction on eBay
Customizable Messages through personalization tags. (Personalization)
Instant Delivery
Transaction Log
Works 24/7/365
No human intervention necessary
Works with your computer turned off
Easy "Click Next" Installation
Easy to use administration panel
Error Logging
Pulls backend profits through very targeted upselling and affiliate programs
Instant follow-up
Adjusts to any PayPal supported currency
Checks price and currency before delivery to prevent fraudulent transactions
Scalable - Ability to install additional modules with the click of the button. i.e. - Sales Frequency report module - PayPal button generator module
Return URL WILL NOT be the download page
Prevent item and bandwidth stealing
Receive Free news and marketing tips right from inside your admin panel
Write Email messages in either html or plain text to avoid filters
Emails you each time an item is sold and sent
Promote your affiliate programs through unlimited targeted signatures
You don't have to update your products' item numbers every time you list something on eBay. You just create the items once and you are all set
No button encryption is necessary
No need to write a new message for each product. Just create the email message(s) that you need and attach it to as many products you like. This way when you change the message, it will automatically change for all the products that are using it.
  Works with eBay like a charm
You can create unlimited "Items for sale" with different titles (Perfect for eBay auctions), without having to modify your inventory .Inventory stays nice and clean
Change your download URL's with the push of a button
Works with software, eBooks, images, videos, mp3s, zip, and any other downloadable file format
You can even use this software to send customized confirmation email for physical products as well, and upsell something else to your customers


This software is Great! It has eased the time required to list and deliver my products. Before there were times when I would be away from home and the other delivery technique I used would require that either I be present or that my computer be left always on MYDD has resolved both! I love MYDD!

Dave Larson

The Amazing Bonuses You Will Receive, Just For Ordering Today!

Just for seizing the opportunity to make your life easier, to make more money and to automate your entire back-end… I am going to give you 6 POWERFUL Bonuses if you order TODAY!

BONUS #1 Access to ResellRightsFortune for just $1
A $46 Value

At ResellRightsFortune we will research and buy any products with resell/master/PLR rights every month and make them available to our members for downloading. If you resell eBooks, this is a MUST have resource.

We will be adding tons of new products in the coming months and we will continue to add many more products every single month.

You will get a secret link where you can get ONE Month Full Access to our currently closed to the public, brand new website (ResellRightsFortune.com) for only $1!

BONUS #2 Getting Started Action Guide
A $97 Value

This amazing 116 page EBook will teach you how to create a web site that builds targeted traffic and how to convert that traffic into dollars.

And you are going to do all of this just by selling a service through that site, AND/OR... by selling one or more products on that site (ex., e-goods such as an e-book), AND/OR... by causing visitors to click-through, with an open-to-buy attitude, to several, well-selected merchants who pay commissions for sales generated from such referrals (i.e., affiliate income).

BONUS #3 Webmaster Business Masters Course
A $67 Value

Webmaster Business Masters Course, a 61 page super e-book will teach you how to start and keep you on the right business track.

Mark Frank, the author of the Masters Course, and owner of a home-based Web site design business, gives you an insider's perspective on what to do... and more importantly, what not to do on the "business side" of your new company. (After all, you already have the "creative" side under control, or else you wouldn't be promoting your services!)

BONUS #4 Email Broadcaster Module
A $40 Value

With the Email broadcaster module you get the ability to send emails to all your customers. You can send emails to all of them or just a subset of them based on the product they purchased.

For example, you can send an email to all customers that purchased product A.


You can send an email to all customers that purchased Product A and/or Product B and/or Product C.

This is a MUST Have module and it is included as a FREE bonus!

BONUS #5 New Additional Modules That Allow You to Check Your Sales Frequency
A $25 Value

This module alone can eliminate the confusion about what sells and what doesn’t. With just a glimpse of this Analysis (Automatically Generated for you), you will immediately know which items are selling well and which items are not. You know how often your items sell and how many you sold in a given period.

This way, you will relist the items that sell well more often and stop listing the ones that don’t. Doing business blindly is a recipe for failure. This Module will help you avoid this from happening!

BONUS #6 Free Quick Reports with CSV export
A $25 Value

Would you like to see how many sales you made in a given time period? How about a listing of your entire customer database?

How about a listing of all your items URLs so that you can instantly save all your links for easy reference?

This module will do all this for you. AND if you have an autoresponder service, you can use this module to EXPORT your customer list into CSV format which is the standard format autoresponder's use for importing leads.

In just a few mouse clicks you will be able to upload all your customers to your favorite autoresponder service. You DON'T want to miss out on this module by not purchasing Today!

BONUS #7 Free Installation on Your Website
A $40 Value

Even though we made installation of this software a breeze, we also know that if you never installed a script before, it could be intimidating.

So, the Solution: We WILL DO IT FOR YOU!

That's right! Any other company will charge you upwards of $40 for script installation but we will NOT. It is included if you purchase today! (This is optional and you can request it after your order)

BONUS #8 Double Guarantee - FREE Webhosting
A $30 Value

If by any chance, your web host doesn't support our software, or you face any difficulties operating the script on your host, we will give you a Full Featured premium webhosting plan totally free for 3 months ($9.95 thereafter).

This is a real webhosting plan on our own dedicated servers (we are not using reseller plans, we own our own servers), where you can host your websites.

Considering we KNOW your business, hosting with us could be very beneficial to you. We understand how you operate. We run our own webhosting company over at: bloober.com

More than a BONUS: Customer Service that actually cares for you
A Priceless Value

This is not a bonus for purchasing today, but I just want you to realize that even thought the internet is flooded with countless "I grab your money and run" type of websites, I would like for you to know that you are in good hands!

Our Dedicated Technical Support team will always be there for you to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our products and services.

We are a real company doing business for years now and we are planning to stay this way and grow together with you.

We LOVE our customers and we enjoy being loved too :)

With MyDigitalDispatch There Is NO Membership
And There Is NO Monthly Fee!

All the other products and other solutions out there on the market (that can’t do ½ of what MyDigitalDispatch can) want to charge you a ridiculous fee every single month.

They want to continue to charge you $47; $67 and even $97 over and over again for a sub-par service that isn’t going put your business on auto-pilot like MyDigitalDispatch can.

But with MyDigitalDispatch you are only going to pay a one-time fee to have access to everything you need to make your business an automated money-making machine!

And I know that with MyDigitalDispatch you are going to skyrocket your profits and make more money than you ever thought possible. And because of that I know that if I was to charge you $500 then it would still be worth every penny.

But, against the wishes of all my top-gun marketing friends, I decided not to charge you $500, or $400, I’m not even going to charge you $200 for this amazing software.

I am only going to charge you $97 – a one-time fee – for the complete and updated version of MyDigitalDispatch. PLUS I am going to give you all my amazing bonuses – for FREE – just for ordering today.

But I have to warn you – with market changes and the increased popularity of MyDigitalDispatch I cannot guarantee you that the $97 price point will be around forever. The price could go up at any time – without any warning… so you need to order right now and lock in this historically low price TODAY!

I GUARANTEE You Will See An Amazing Difference In Your Sales And In Your Free Time Or I Will Refund Your Money!

I know that some of you might be a little skeptical that MyDigitalDispatch is going to be able to make your business and your life completely automated… especially for the incredibly low, one-time price of $97.

And that is completely understandable. I understand why you are skeptical, but I want to put your mind at ease and let you know that you have nothing to risk and nothing to lose!

I am offering you a FULL 60 day money-back guarantee. When you order today you will have the opportunity to install, run and try the complete MyDigitalDispatch system and see for yourself just how easy it is to use.

I want you to see – with your own eyes – how amazing it will be to have you very own secretary doing all your up-keep work for you – without ever having to worry about any mistakes!

But, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with everything that you get from MyDigitalDispatch then you have a FULL 60 days to let me know and allow me to refund every last dime of your money.

It’s just that simple.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Right now you really only have 2 options:

1.      You can leave here, right now, and continue to waste your time manually managing your products, your customer list and your sales. You can burn, print and ship all your own CDs and DVDs. You can continue to leave extra money on the table each and every day and you can always wonder if there is a better, easier way…


2.      You can decide to take your business to the next level, you can decide to completely automate your back-end and you can have the free time that you deserve. You can watch as your profits BOOM and you can become the truly successful internet marketer that you deserve to be.

The choice is pretty clear. Are you ready to take the first step and turn your business into an automated money-making machine?

Click the order button below and let’s get started building a life and a business that you can be proud of…

YES, Socrates! Please send me the software and all the Bonuses Right now. I am ready to put my business on autopilot

I understand that by taking advantage of this offer right now, I will receive the full LATEST version of My Digital Dispatch and ALL the above "Action" Bonuses.

I am aware that the price offered here today is so low because its an introductory marketing test and it can change at any time and without notification

I also understand that I will be able to gain access to the downloadable files immediately after I pay using the secure link below, even if it is 3:00 am.

Click here to Download now

It's Easy and Secure To Download...

Click here to Use your Credit Card

P.S. Time is money; and the more you automate your business, the more free time you will have. MyDigitalDispatch is the fastest and easiest way to put your web-based and eBay digital goods sales on full autopilot, with full security, price protection, automatic upsell, and complete list-building and mailing capabilities so you don’t have to be chained to your computer for the rest of your life!

P.P.S. Remember that you have absolutely nothing to lose! You are backed by a 60-day guarantee that allows you to test, try and see for yourself just how effective and powerful MyDigitalDispatch truly is.

You have nothing to lose but wasted time! Order MyDigitalDispatch right now!

"MyDD paid for itself twice over with my very first Ebay auction "

Instant delivery of emails with download instructions, without the need for my computer to be constantly on.

MyDD paid for itself twice over with my very first Ebay auction 

Alastair Andrews, eBay Powerseller
eBay Store: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/monsterholdings
website: http://www.monsterholdings.com

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