Endless Testimonials from Happy Customers
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MyDD exceeded my expectations from day one. I admit I was skeptical at first, but once I got my items set-up, it was smooth sailing. I love that fact that I can sell an ebook on Ebay at 3:00 AM and MyDD will deliver it at 3:01 AM without me ever having to turn on my computer. Before I purchased MyDD, for each ebook I sold I would have to create a new email message, copy/paste the buyers email address, copy/paste the message, and/or attach the ebook to the email. While this wasn't a problem when I was selling just an item or two a day, but all along I had plans of growing my ebook business, so I needed something to take the headache out of the delivery process. MyDD does just that, and I know I'm not using it to its full potential. I haven't even fully implemented it as a cross-selling and upselling tool! I could go on longer, but overall I would highly recommend MyDD to anyone who is serious about selling any kind of digital product.

Jeff Howard

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I provide a lot of products to customers that are trying to learn how the internet works online. Some customers do not understand simple things like continuing to the thank you page where they can download their purchase after they have paid with Paypal. This has caused delayed deliveries, and confusion for my customers and added manual work for myself. I now use Digital Delivery to process my Paypal orders, and I have not had a problem with customers receiving their purchasers on time within minutes any longer. I LOVE Digital Delivery, it's a must for anyone that sells a lot of downloadable products.

Maria Wilkes

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Well Socrates,

I still can't believe what you did. You have actually given me more of the best resource humans have in their possession; time! I still remember how I was sending my ebooks manually. So much time wasted in front of my pc, copying and pasting time and time again....not to mention the angry emails for late delivery (by late I mean a few hours). Now they have their ebook within minutes of their purchase...they are happy ...I'm happy...my friends are happy because they see me more, and my bank account is happier because I have the time to do more! Why work hard, when you can work smart with myDD? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Stelios Eleftheriou

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I have only been using MyDD for a few days and it was so simple to use I would consider myself an expert already. I sell a lot of digital products and usually spend about 3 hours per day manually sending them out to my customers. Now that MyDD does it all for me I can spend more time on customer inquiries and listing new products.

What I think makes this software so good is its straight forward approach! I only had to read the manual to double check installation procedure, everything else is so easy to understand - even the advanced features. Don’t even bother looking at alternatives; it’s just a waste of time.

If this was a magazine review I would give it Five Stars and Editors Choice! Thanks again!

Adam Bell

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MyDD is the answer that I have been looking for. This thing is great, now I can put my business virtually on autopilot and focus on the stuff that I really love like product creation and marketing. MyDD is so easy to use. At first I was a little unsure of myself but as soon as I really dug in and began poking to see how things worked, I had it up and going in no time. I had some problems installing it on my server at first due to how my host had things setup, but Socrates and Mirza with MyDD jumped right on it and got everything installed for me very quickly. They were so nice and very responsive to my needs. I'm looking forward to being able to grow my business dramatically and increase my profits. Now that MyDD is handling all of the digital product delivery for me, I'll have more time to work on other things. Thanks guys! I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

James Striler

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I have been selling various e-Books on Ebay for just over a year, but found the admin involved with receiving & checking payments and then sending the e-Books out a major pain. It had got to a stage were I was losing track of who had ordered what, who had paid and whether I had send the e-Book out.

At this point I looked for a solution and came across an Auto-Responder service on the net and formulated a complicated plan to make my life easier. This worked fine, sometimes! During the following 6 months that service got less and less reliable, taking me right back to where I started. Then they went bust taking my domain name with them.

I needed help and MyDD seemed to be the solution. In fact it has been better than I'd hoped. Why? Because it never misses a beat, lets me know exactly what's going on and can even let me send auto e-mails for non e-Books. Basically - It's the Miracle I was looking for!

Chris Pitock, eBay Seller: "Trance-Elbow"

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I've been selling ebooks in Ebay for few years and with no success. When someone recommended me to use MyDigitalDispatch, I was reluctant to do so as I have very limit source of income and capital. However I clearly know that my main problem is to do the digital product deliveries manually will ruin my life!! So I made decision to give a try to buy this powerful product.

Since then, I able to list more products in Ebay and do not worry on delivery. I get my first 100 feedbacks in few weeks and the feedbacks are 100% good rating in Ebay. It is very impressive and I'm a happy seller in Ebay now. A

Although I'm still not a big timer in Ebay (my listing is less than 20 items most of the time) but I'm happy. I save lots of time and time means money to me. I'm now spending minima time to check email everyday just to make sure the products are successful sent to buyers. I only need to rectify the unsuccessful sent messages (once a blue moon when multiple purchases from same buyer).

I'm a happy person now. Thank you so much Socrates, you have done a very good job!! I'm looking forward for your future invention.

Chow Chin, Successful eBay Seller
eBay Seller Id: "paylessonly"

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This software is Great! It has eased the time required to list and deliver my products. Before there were times when I would be away from home and the other delivery technique I used would require that either I be present or that my computer be left always on MYDD has resolved both! I love MYDD!

Dave Larson

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Since I have purchased the software, the help I received is awesome. Each time I had a question; it was answered fast with care. I recommend the software and services. Thank you very much for being there!

A.J. Alkayali

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With too many demands on my time before I even get near my desk, MyDD is the chocolate of software! When I decided to transition to an online, automated business I knew there'd be some changes to make. Too little sleep and too much going on left me shaking my head when I looked at the MyDD installation instructions. One email later, Socrates had me up and running!! Yeah!!

I once purchased a ready made site that required automation. The seller offered to automate it for a minimum of $50.00 What he offered is nowhere near what I got for $67.00 with MyDD.

I went from newbie no businesses to three businesses within a month thanks to MyDD and easy automation. Custom configurated automatic emails, product delivery and thank you notes simply business and leave me time to create or locate new products and research other things.

This is technology at its finest!

Cheryl Shannon, Successful eBay Seller

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MyDD has given me the chance of a lifetime. I no longer need to be chained to my computer, the automation system has given me the spare time to spend with my family and friends that I would of never had before. It has been a lifesaver.

John Jarabek

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Hello, MyDD has helped start my eBook business with a bang within 3 short weeks went from zero feedbacks to 21 with glowing feedbacks like wow fast delivery!

WOW Incredibly fast and well worth the money A++++ Very fast shipment, thank you. Those feedbacks would not Be there if it wasn't for MyDD without question!

The time MyDD has saved is awesome you can be asleep get an order MyDD delivers it and the sale Complete. Filling out manual shipping emails is a thing of the past with MyDD I can devote my time for other things family, friends, etc.

If you are in the information business I highly recommend MyDD it will pay for It many times over it already has in my case!!

Bill Webb

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I cannot express enough how grateful I am for MyDD. MyDD really enabled me to put my ebook business on auto pilot! I have the ability to send ebooks at any time of the day or night. When I wake up in the morning, I am still excited to see ebook purchases that have occurred while I slept. I have very little involvement in sending my ebooks. MyDD is a time saver, allowing me to focus on other aspects of growing my new business, and I will be forever thankful!

Djuna Perine

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Hi my name is Brenda and I'm really really pleased on how MyDD performs well I'll say it's remarkable it sure has saved me a lot of time & extra work time on having to send out emails to my customers when they buy my products. I've only been selling my ebooks a short time but with MyDD (MydigitalDispatch) it’s a lifesaver my sales have doubled since I've added MyDD to my business. My income has gone up at least by 25% and I look for that to go even higher as the days go by. As for my free time well since I've added MyDD I have a lot of free time for keeping caught up on my other things that needs to be done. When someone buys an ebook from me MyDD sends them a response to tell them how much that they need to pay & when they pay for it like by paypal MyDD responds and tells them where to go to download it right then no waiting. MyDD will even let them know if they didn't pay enough so they can repay all I can tell you are that I couldn't do without MyDD.

Brenda Patton

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At the age of 65 I am sometimes a little slow, and with MyDD, it has freed up a lot of my extra time to do important things, With MyDD I don't have to remember where my download sites are (it does it for me) even sends the information for me to a customer.

Dave Carter

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I am more than pleased with the product and service I have received. Being a novice at Internet marketing the staff has been patient and extremely helpful as I have worked my way through a successful completion of set-up and operation of my business. Already my sales have taken off faster than I have ever imagined.

Lee Trollinger

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As a "brand new" user of MyDD, I have already had the opportunity to test the support given by the "support team". It is by far, the best experience in my years dealing with email support. The answers and help are given in a very timely manner and with specific instructions that a novice could follow. Since I have time to read the instruction manual, I can already envision a successful and almost effortless addition to my endeavors with digital information products.

Mary Nash

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Instant delivery of emails with download instructions, without the need for my computer to be constantly on.

MyDD paid for itself twice over with my very first Ebay auction 

Alastair Andrews, Successful Ebay Seller
eBay Store: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/monsterholdings
website: http://www.monsterholdings.com

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I have always wanted to start selling ebooks but just didn't have the time to email each book out separately. When I heard of MyDD and how it would automatically send each ebook out when it was paid for I didn't wait any longer and purchased the program.

This program has free up so much of my time I am able to participate in more of my children’s school activities and not have to worry about if my customers are receiving the items that they purchased or not.

I also wanted to say thank you to Socrates. If it wasn't for him I would still be trying to set everything up. I always have a hard time with setting up websites and he took the time to install and get MyDD up and running for me and I just can't say how much I really appreciated his help.

Kari Jones

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I would not and could not sell ebooks on Ebay without MyDD. What used to take hours, now takes only minutes. My sales have gone up, my profits have gone up, I have more multiple sales, and I have more repeat business. Just look at my feedback. Buyers love getting their items immediately. The ease of working with MyDD allows me to offer as many items in my store as I want to. I used to offer just a few items because they were much harder to keep track of. No more printed forms for me! MyDD gives me all the information I need.

Dan Hartnett

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MyDD have definitely taken away a lot of my workload. It allowed me to totally concentrate on my selling and because of this my sales increase. Not only that, full points to Socrates for providing excellent and speedy services.

Jaz Lai

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I have only install MyDD for 2 weeks and my sales have really increased. Customers are telling me they are amazed at the speedy delivery...I can now advertise "Instant delivery" and really mean it

Len Hibberd, Successful eBay Powerseller

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MyDD has saved me countless hours of hard work. I no longer have to manually send my digital products sold on Ebay individually - MyDD does it for me!

I sell hundreds of dollars of ebooks and Software on Ebay, so you can imagine the time saved. I am no longer "tied" to my computer all day and have a lot more time to manage my auctions among other things.

Easy to setup and very easy to use - If I can do it, anyone can.
Thanks for such a great product - worth every penny of the purchase price and more!

Annette Ouchie, Proud eBay Seller:
eBay Seller Id: "nichevista"

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Even though I'm just starting my website, and just getting into the ebook business. I've been selling one ebook on Ebay for the last 6 months. I sell about 10 copies a month. MyDD has pretty much taken my time spent selling that one ebook from an hour or two an month to roughly 10 minutes. Even though I only sell one product right now, I plan on selling thousands. MyDD does all the work for me, and has given me hope that there is money to be made in the digital world, without putting much time in.

Dale Muchowski

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MyDD has helped me to let my computer do most of my work. I set up MyDD with the exceptional user’s guide and customer service. This program is wonderful. The customer purchases the product and MyDD not only responds but will deliver. What would normally take hours to do manually, MyDD does automatically in seconds. This is a must have for the success of my business.

Melanie Hayes

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I love MyDD! I sold, got paid, sent items - completed the entire transaction - all while I was playing mahjong at my friend's house!

That's not all. Another feature I absolutely love is the 'Frequency Report'. It is vital in helping me decide which items are worth listing!

My sales skyrocketed more then 135% reported in my Ebay Sales Report. I received more emails from buyers personally thanking me for my wonderful customer service! I'm so excited and I love MyDD!

I'm grateful. And I'm very proud of myself for making the right decision in investing in a MyDD software ;]

Thank you so much Socrates - keep up the good work in working on more features for MyDD!

Lynda Fransisca

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MyDD has effectively made my Ebay as well as website businesses completely on autopilot. Since my purchase of MyDD, I have been able to completely eliminate the manual labor part of my ebook business.

I wholeheartedly recommend this software to all informational product entrepreneurs

Walutech Inc. Platinum eBay Powerseller
eBay Seller Id: "walutech"

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After selling Resalable information products on Ebay, Search engines and other distribution channels for several years I was looking for a turnkey automated solution that would deliver these products to our customer "on demand". MyDD was the solution. After purchasing and implementing MyDD my customers response on Ebay alone was WOW! Instant delivery... and my positive feedback rating climbed significantly through happy customer service. This alone is worth the investment in MyDD as it fuels sales as customers get instant delivery of there information products.

am very happy with the product and have no hesitation in recommending MyDD to others.

Elizabeth Blythe

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Ease of creating Paypal button code.

Custom testimonial: Congratulations Socrates, on developing a great program. M.Y.D.D is saving me countless hours by handling my dispatch problems in a manner by where I just sell and forget about the after work.

Another great feature is the ease in which I can now create the code for Paypal sell buttons.

I found the program simple to set-up and operate and I am very impressed at the speed of which you offered help and repaired the glitch I had, caused by my host server.

This is a must have program for any one selling downloadable products and I would recommend it to anyone.

Well done!

John Judd, Australia - Successful eBay Seller
eBay Seller Id: "lochielad"
Website: http://aussiepro.com

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I had no idea how easy it will be after I start using MyDD for my ebook business. I was so much work to get my download to a client in time. Now it likes a hard working employee doing all of the work for me automatically. I'm truly astonished with the power of this incredible tool...

And the support help I got was more then I pay …so I will like to thank all the guys on board here to get this product where it is now.

Thanks a bundle and keep up the good work.

Pat Persaud

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MyDD is by far the most powerful tool in my arsenal. Not only has it saved me hours per day in answering emails, my customers are happier now (And buy more of my products) will knowing their information be delivered instantly upon payment.

Chris Demarinis

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I have been online for approx. 10 years with many different online businesses. From selling website traffic to becoming silver Ebay power seller. A few months back I was introduced to MyDD. Being new to the ebook world after much research I found out the only way to succeed in large numbers is by automation. MyDD offers a program that once set up it takes care of virtually everything making it a hands free experience. A must for any type of ebook business today!!!! I will set up an auction, it sells, my customer pays and then it is emailed automatically to them with out lifting a finger!!

The software itself is priceless but I can't say enough about the customer support. They have helped me every step of the way with just outstanding customer support. I myself being involved in the customer service industry for over 20 years rate this company on a scale of 1-10 and 11. A+ MyDD

Jeffrey Adams

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My DD has released me from being chained to my computer. I had customer complaints if I failed to send them the e-book within a few hours never mind the next day. I even had threats of negative feedback for not sending the e-book immediately.

Now with My DD that’s all a thing of the PAST.

Thank You so much I cant recommend it enough

David Williams

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I am new with using the MyDD software but am very impressed with its power and functionality. I can easily see how the MyDD software will facilitate the process in communicating with my customers and automatically delivering the electronic products they purchase. I have been very impressed with the help and advice given me regarding the software and how to best implement it with my business.

Thank you Socrates for taking the time to develop such a great software product!

Scott Geertsen

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I couldn't do my ebooks business without the help of My DD. As soon as a customer has paid for an ebook, the automated system (MyDD) automatically sends out the ebook to the customer. My DD helped with all the set up and was there immediately for all my questions. A wonderful program to have!

Angela Ropp

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The people at MyDD have gone beyond my expectations for service after the sale. Their marketing newsletters have been both helpful and profitable. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Wendell Welper

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Hi there,


I have been selling bits and pieces on Ebay for nearly a year now and I have only recently started selling ebooks.


One of the things I have found frustrating was spending so much time emailing ebooks to the customers.

I tried using outlook to automate things but that only works if your computer is switched on and you are logged into the email address.

I needed something better and MyDD seemed like the perfect answer. I was of course hesitant because sometimes when you buy something you don’t always get what you thought and customer support can be none existent.

I am very pleased to say that MyDD is actually BETTER than I thought it would be and after having used the customer support a couple of times (due to me being a newbie!) I can report that the responses were swift and problems were solved.

The main things I like about the program are that it is easy to use; it gives a professional image to my customers and allows me more free time to actually develop my business. This free time is being used to construct a website to sell ebooks followed by an Ebay store.

All that remains to say is thanks for a brilliant program and I am glad to be a customer!

Michael Brooks

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Selling info-products on Ebay can be tough if you don't have the right tools. Without a doubt, a seller must offer instant delivery in order to make the sale. Most people purchasing an ebook or other info-product want the item as soon as they pay for it...right now while they are still online. MyDD not only makes instant delivery possible, it is very easy to set up. Simply add a product to your inventory, add it to your sales list and forget it. MyDD does all the product delivery for you...24/7. Frankly, I would be lost without MyDD. It has provided me with a huge advantage over just about every other ebook seller on Ebay.

Rikie Keene

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MyDD was the best money I have ever spent. It has cut my time on Ebay down to about 10 minutes each day but I am still able to make £30 every day. It has also meant a lot more people leave good feedback because they are so happy with the speed of the transaction. It has also increased sales because you need a domain to run MyDD I now also get customers visiting my website and making purchases on that. I would not hesitate to recommend anybody this program. It is AMAZING. Thank you Socrates!

Mike Cruickshank

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I came from using a system that required a 10 figure number in my auction titles

I wasn't sure how MyDD would turn out. I bought another script just beforehand where you had to enter each item number into the system! At the time I was listing 400 listings at week so that other script made more work than it had saved.

Once I installed MyDD (which was simple in comparison to other scripts) I noticed that my Ebay feedback was immediately packed with comments like, "Wow! Fastest delivery ever." And those comments have continued.

A lot of my customers can't find their product at first which is usually down to the customer setting their Spam filter to be too aggressive - this happens with any script but with MyDD it is easy to send them a copy of the email and quote the time of delivery. I have an email which is sent to me (an exact copy of the customer’s mail) which alerts me that it has been sent.

I also get another email sent to me to double confirm the delivery.

With MyDD running things you can put delivery to the back of your mind. It gets done, instantly.

Roger Davis, Internet Marketer

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MyDD has helped improve the customers experience as their order is fulfilled as soon as they pay. My Ebay feedback shows how much this is appreciated:

"Quick delivery, cool"

"Interesting product! fast response"

"excellent service very good to deal with A+++++++++++++"

Colin Tulley

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Thanks to MyDD, my business runs practically fully automated. I just started to sell on Ebay. Everything is new to me. MyDD is very easy to use and I am no computer expert, believe me!! Thanks to MyDD I am able to build my business fast, because once a consumer buys my product and pays for it, MyDD does the rest (once a costumer pays, MyDD sends an email to the customer with the link to download my product. I sell ebooks). I do nothing about that. I don't have to check if the customer has paid, I do not send emails with links in it. My customers are very satisfied, because they receive their product instantly after payment, no matter what time they buy my product. I don't even have to leave my computer on. This means positive feedback for me. This is one of the most important things!

So, for me it's simply. I have more time to set my business up. That means more money! Isn't that GREAT?

p.s. the service is great on the software. It is easy to install normally, but not for me, since I don't have a lot of computer experience. So I needed some help to get started. I got all the help I needed. Thank you so much!!

Peggy Hoeben

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This great software helps me create a business centered on customer service. Happy customers will be return customers and that is what's most important to me. MyDD allows my customers to receive their items immediately, which helps to create a great experience for my customers every time. MyDD is definitely worth every penny!

Emily Shearer

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"Astonishing! This product is a rare jewel in the volatile and risky search for automation of your digital products. Frequently updated by its author, Socrates, it keeps way ahead of its rivals in the search for perfection.

We have been using "MyDD" for almost 6 months now with no regrets. I often think back to life before "MyDD" with the manual sending of attachments and apologetic emails because you couldn’t send the ebook they ordered for "X" amount of hours, now it’s "INSTANT!" This software will change your, mind, finances and life for the better. What are you waiting for?"

Chris Shortland, eBay Seller
eBay seller Id: "ebookdeals"

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I tried XXX [<-Removed for privacy] but it gets rejected by Hotmail and AOL.

MyDD has not helped me increase sales yet as I have not had chance to use it. However technical support and after sales service is great. I was helped to install Mydd when I ran into a problem and when it stopped working (probably through lack of use) I am being offered support to get it working again.

David Clark Successful eBay PowerSeller

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MyDD is a must have if you have a site and you take orders. It gives an instant response to your customers that you customize to you and your product as well as e-mails. MyDD also stores all your customer info in a data base so you always have it at your fingertips. The best is that it frees up your time, all automatic, no hassle, no long hours in front of the computer. MyDD will cut your labor that you spend on different aspects of an e-business about 75-85 percent. This tool alone will make you at least 20X the nominal cost of MyDD. If you never invest anything else into your site, it should be MyDD.

Frank Arcadi

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I could not sell e-books on Ebay at a profit without MyDD. To date 08/16/2005 I sell all of my e-books at $1.98 (.99 per item + .99 service/handling fees). In order to make a decent profit at such a low selling price I must list and sell my e-books in mass quantities. Let's do the math. I make $1.32 per sale. It cost me a minimum of $.25 per listing. We'll pretend I make a sale on 25% of all my listings (that's a pretty good conversion rate). So let's say I list 100 e-books 100x.25=$25.00 in order to break even I must sell approximately 19 items $25.00/1.32=18.9. If I want to make a measly $10.00 profit per day I must sell approximately 27 e-books per day 27 X 1.32 = $35.64 - $25.00 in listing fees =$10.64 profit. Think about it. In order to make $10.00 per day I must list 100 items every day, answer buyer's questions, leave feedback, work a full time job and on top of all that individually email 27 e-books per day. Impossible! With my MyDD I upload my inventory once. Up load my items for sale once and the rest is automatic. I use MyDD in conjunction with EBay's turbo lister and selling manager pro. The combinations of these three items enable me to spend my time writing profit pulling ads and headlines. Without MyDD none of this would be possible. I would have to charge 3 to 4 times the amount just to make a profit. That would not happen because my competition uses MyDD and would out sell me by a long shot.

My advice. If you want to sell your digital products online get MyDD. You will not be disappointed. My favorite saying came from a fortune cookie I got while the wife and I were eating at our favorite Chinese restaurant. It goes like this "An ounce of gold cannot buy an ounce of time". You can't buy your time back once it's gone, but you can save yourself a fortune starting today.

Get MyDD today you will not be sorry.

Jay Hall

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MyDD solves all the problems of delivering Digital Products or Downloads Automatically. MyDD is the very best script I have came across for the delivery of Digital Products Automatically!

The price is great for this high quality script!
Installation is easy!
It is very user friendly!
I have tried the online delivery systems and some of the other methods of delivering download!
Nothing compares!
To use it is to love it!
I only wish I would have found it sooner!

Michael Swearngin

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MyDD is the BEST thing that has ever happened to my ebook business. My customers think it's simply AMAZING that they actually receive their ebook before they even get their Paypal receipt for the transaction. And because they are so impressed by this, they further investigate the program and end up buying it themselves, which is great because the affiliate commissions are hefty and reliable. When issues do arise using MyDD, their support team is there to help immediately and I never feel as if any questions I have about using the program are stupid. What I enjoy the most though about MyDD is that it is more than just a digital delivery system -- Socrates provides the best links for those in the ebook business looking to get new material and affiliate opportunities. I cannot say enough great things about MyDD!!

Niki Rodino, Successful eBay Infoseller

[order now]

This Program is Simply AMAZING! It has increased my sales at least DOUBLE! IT WILL FREE UP YOUR TIME! Imagine all of the emails that you sent your customers Immediately after the sale. Now, imagine all of those emails sent automatically!

This program will do "JUST THAT". This program will automatically deliver your digital products too! "TRULY TOTAL AUTOMATION" This is the "KEY TO SUCCESS". "(TOTAL AUTOMATION)" And talk about the price, you "WILL NOT" find a better deal on the internet. "THIS ONE IS IT" I've researched other similar avenues on the internet (roughly 6 months research and investigation time), and the price of MYDD is SIMPLY "THE CHEAPEST".


George Meece

[order now]

MyDD helped to automate our business. Now with MyDD we have our ebooks delivered instantly, this was next to impossible before using MyDD. There isn't a customer in the world who doesn’t appreciate their product(s) the instant they pay for them. We live in a world today where if you can't deliver items fast, you’re left in the dust by the competition. MyDD has made our business run almost hands off once we sell out items.

Josh Brown

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I have been impressed with the ease with which MyDD has made my work. As a beginning ebook entrepreneur I appreciate any tool that can make my life easier. Not having to email ebooks after every sale saves me time and allows me to write my own ebooks for additional profits.

Robert TeVrucht

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I have found MyDD to be an indispensable tool when running my business! It is so refreshing to wake up in the morning knowing that my customers have received the product they have paid for and ordered and I didn't have to so much as send them an email! I love the fact as well that if the customer doesn't pay the right amount for their product that MyDD will not send the product. The fact that the customer receives an email telling them the right amount to pay is an added bonus. The customer is not left "hung out to dry" wondering why they haven't received their product. While I was sitting here typing this, a customer just paid for and purchased something from me and has already received their item. How refreshing!

The customer service provided by MyDD is outstanding as well. I had a problem whereby the customer received his product without paying the full amount due. I sent an email to MyDD Support regarding this and they went above and beyond what was necessary to assure that this wouldn't happen again. They had me check a few things on my end, and EVEN DEPOSITED MONEY into my account to assure that my MyDD was working! What more could a person ask for?!

I highly recommend MyDD to anyone who wants to automate their eBusiness! Thank you MyDD for your awesome product and support!!

Brian Moore

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When I started selling ebooks on Ebay I sat at my computer hours every day sending emails and attaching ebooks. MyDD is definitely the most valuable asset to my ebook business! After the initial setup it's completely automated. Every ebook every time is sent without any manual labor what so ever. Thank You so much Socrates for an amazing product and all your help with the setup! My family appreciates the extra time I can now spend with them solely due to MyDD!

Thanks Again,

Michael Ryan

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I operate an Ebay store that sells Timers that countdown the time before the end of auction to alert to bidder to check to see if they are the highest bidder or if they want to bid at the last second of an auction. Ebay buyers purchase the Timer with the "Buy It Now" button, use PayPal's system to take a credit card or Paypal account, and automatically the Timer is sent to the customer seconds after the payment is confirmed. This happens all day long 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is my very best employee!

Steven Schultz, Successful eBay Seller

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MyDD is one of the most awesome programs every written. It has completely automated the digital marketing aspect of my online business. Having MyDD has opened so many doors for me that I'm almost overwhelmed with the possibilities lying before me. I not only sell e-books but digital art and software and I don't even have to know anything about the sale. It works while I play and sleep. MyDD checks to make sure all the money for my product as well as the shipping and handling is collected before sending my customer his/her product and then it sends me an e-mail telling me that payment has been received, letting me know my Paypal account has money in it waiting for me. One of the best things is I only had to pay for this service ONE time. All future transactions involve me collecting money :^D

In my opinion... if you are interested in starting an online business that requires you to sell and send digital products then MyDD is a must. It's easy to us and Socrates will do everything in his power to make sure it is up and running properly for you when you buy it. He also has a host of other great products to help you out.

Anyway, I ramble... excited ya know?! ;-)

Eric Sharratt

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I would have to say this is the #1 product that has helped me sell my products and MAKE happy customers! This program is a DREAM, and I cannot imagine running my ebook business without it. Thank you so much for providing this program. Manually having to send out each and every ebook would have been a nightmare. I get orders at 3am when I am sleeping and get an email message when I wake up saying the buyer paid with paypal and that the item successfully made it to them. I did nothing but put the auction up and waited for the orders to roll in. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Mike Jacks

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My Digital Dispatch has reduced the amount of time spent on maintaining my Ebay store to almost none. What once took several hours out of my day for mundane tasks now takes just minutes! This program has definitely made running my own business a pleasure instead of a chore.

Levi Flaman

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This is one fantastic program and anyone that sells a digital product can’t live with out it. Easy to use and has been great for my business. I earn and deliver products while I sleep and play. I have extra time now. I just sit back and watch the sales complete and deliver all by the MyDD program.

Dale Stiles

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Your sales pitch talked me back into something I had pondered and then abandoned an Ebay store :). I learned so much about how to structure my online business just by reading your sales letter. I found you by searching the web on "digital delivery" because I was just weren’t getting how to do it. You filled in all the blanks for me. Your user guides are very clear and easy for me to understand which is very important. You could easily sell MYDD for a lot more money. When my site and store are up and running, I'll email you again so you can check me out. I am still in the set up stage. Thanks again - GREAT product.

Lorrie Martinez, Castro Valley , CA USA

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I spent a year looking for the best software/service to achieve instant delivery of my digital products. Mind you, I am a penny pincher and I didn't want to have to pay monthly. Needless to say, it was a long search. The search was over, I'm glad to say, when I found Socrates Socrates' My Digital Dispatch.

Not only does the software deliver 10x its price, but its creator also provides phenomenal customer support! I can vouch for this from my own experiences working with Socrates!

Even if you're not technically inclined, MyDD is a cinch to work with! I consider MyDD to be one of my most worthwhile business investments!

I don't have to upload an ebook or attach ebooks to emails anymore. My customers get their product almost instantly and they leave me fantastic feedback because of it! And because of the instant delivery, I've had repeat customers and new customers galore! I couldn't be happier!

Kim Enders, Successful eBay Seller and Online Marketer

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Our company purchased the MyDD software on Ebay several months ago. Little did we know that you would go out of your way to set up the entire system on our servers. We would like to send our sincere thanks to you for such an outstanding product and even greater customer service.

Since then we have recovered our investment several fold by using the automated delivery system for all our digital product sales on WebKnix.com, EbookTek.com and our Ebay Store [Ebay member: Webknix]. The MyDD software has saved our company several hours of repetitive tasks and has created many happy loyal customers who receive our downloads instantly.

The software's ease of use and seamless integration with Paypal make it an ideal system for us to deliver our ebook packages and directories. Our customers mostly pay with Paypal and get Automatic & Instant delivery as soon as they pay. This is particularly useful when we have international clients who are in different time zones.

Rarely do we come across a product that invokes us to sing such praise about it, but MyDD is certainly one of these products. We have even recommended it to many of our own clients who purchase internet businesses from us. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial if you so wish. You may also refer a potential client who would like to verify the validity of this testimonial to www.WebKnix.com.

MyDD is clearly well worth the investment and we would like to thank your company for presenting this opportunity to us

Nirav Desai, successful eBay PowerSeller

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I have to say that trawling through the net filtering through the 'get it here' and 'forget the rest, this one is the best' etc - it was great to come across software AND Author backup (very important) that does exactly what it says on the box.

I bought the software somewhat half-heartedly expecting to come to marketing dead-end.

But no, although the software takes a while to setup, it automates the whole process between Paypal and delivery of the product.

I'm constantly amazed how I just don’t have to do anything, other than watch my email account for sales coming in. It sounds like a marketing line but I was as skeptical as you. It really works.

Initially, I had a few problems (my fault), and the Author quickly solved my problems - even uploading the whole thing to my server himself when I had problems myself. Now THAT is service.

Ben Manning

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MyDD I believe is one of the best products for instant satisfaction. This is the perfect marriage for digital products. Not to mention it keeps those Ebay customers very happy when they receive their product so FAST. Making you look more professional and gaining more sales in the process.

Thank you so much for a great tool...

Look forward to any new products,

Tim Miller

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The 2 best things about MyDD:

1. The ability to make money and deliver your product 24/7

2. The Customer Service! I was helped through the entire process of set up. I get answers and assistance quickly!

Rob Dearmon, Successful eBay PowerSeller

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Using MyDD along with Paypal and/or Ebay complete the automation of my business. Without MyDD I'd have to process every order and manually email the link to each download. With MyDD the whole process is now automatic and saves me hours of work. I can now go away for a week or two knowing my business will continue to run without me there. No worries! No lost sales! No Problems.

Note for a possible addition to MyDD: when adding products to the inventory list a browse button would be nice so you could browse to the directory and select the item. Other then that GREAT JOB!

James Davis , Successful eBay Seller and Online Marketer

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MyDD is one of the most invaluable pieces of software I have ever used. It automates my Ebay sales by determining if the amount paid is correct and automatically sends the product to the customer for you! I have an ebook and magazine business that is almost completely automated thanks to MyDD! I never have to send anyone anything! Even if they submit the wrong amount, not enough, etc. MyDD automates everything! Even more valuable is the logging so when someone says they didn't receive anything; you can send them a timestamp showing them the exact moment it was automatically sent to them!

Mike Molica

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I sell tons of digital products on Ebay. And before I found MyDD I was handling each and every one of those manually. Now, I don’t have to! MyDD does the delivery for me!

This saves me at least an hour each day, sometimes up to five if sales are particularly good. Now I have time for developing new product, building a new web store and for spending time with my family too!

MyDD is great! And Socrates is fantastic with Customer Service. Prompt replies. Fast service. And even did a small job for me that was not related to MyDD in a prompt and professional manner.

Thanks Socrates for a great product. Keep up the great work!

Christine Taylor-Smith, Successful eBay Seller

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I love MyDD. It takes care of delivering my digital products for me even when I am sleeping. I was able to increase sales, because I did not have to be around to manually send an email to the purchaser/winning bidder. I have digital product auctions running around the clock and this makes my life so much easier. Even when a customer pays with an echeck through Paypal, their purchase is shipped to them as soon as echeck clears. Prior to MyDD, It was a lot of work to see who had paid, who I had already emailed the product to, which product they actually bought, etc. The work load was terrific. Now it is, set up MyDD, promote the product and the customer gets their product instantly. The best money I have ever spent.

Thanks again.

Walter Russo

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MyDD has made my life so much easier. Now I don't have to sit at my computer 24/7 in case I sell an ebook. It has automated my business for me. I am now able to have a huge inventory and make more money than if I was manually sending all my customers their ebooks. I can now focus on my listings and creating my own ebooks instead of wasting time sending ebooks out! Thank you so much You have improved my sales greatly!

Sarah Foss, Successful eBay Seller

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MyDD has been a life saver!

It’s made the process of selling to my customer simple and efficient.

I would HIGHLY recommend MyDD to any webmaster or information entrepreneur to stop download thieves in their tracks.

If you want an easy to use download delivery system for your customers and clients I can only recommend MyDD

James Brown

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It fully automated everything. Awesome. I just sit back and watch the money roll in while I do nothing.

Before I purchased MyDD selling ebooks was a pain. I had to keep checking my email and then sending attachments or download links. What a pain. Now I don't do anything. Well I had to set it up. A little tricky, but I managed and I don't know ftp from well I don't know what. This software is great. Makes selling anything "downloadable" SO EASY!!!!!!

Shannon VanBridger

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My Digital Dispatch helped automate all of my electronic downloads. I used to send customer links within 24 hours of processing their card numbers. Now MyDD does the work for me. Sales have increased 150% since customers know they get their products right away and not later.

The price is more than recovered just in the extra customers it helped me earn. Computer Software should make your job easier and not more complicated. This program is a Gem.

Dan Edwards

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I was selling over 100 of the same ebook with one auction on Ebay.

I received so many emails from Paypal that I had to find a way of automating the entire process.

When I found MyDD, it worked perfectly. It still does the job for my website payments. I find that it relieves the customer from post purchase regrets after they have bought my item.

I'm very happy with MyDD and I'll be using it for all my products well into the future.

Amin Sadak

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MyDD is an excellent application which has made it profitable to sell low dollar items. My sales of electronic media are no on complete autopilot. The installation was a breeze, and the one glitch I did encounter was addressed in a prompt and efficient manner by tech support. I would highly recommend MyDD to anyone wishing to automate their product delivery. It is the best solution available - by far.

Doug Bailey

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Man I have to say this program is AWESOME! The time it saves me EVERY DAY is well worth the price. And your customer service is THE BEST! Not to mention the POSITAVE FEEDBACK for the instant delivery.

Gene Crain, Successful eBay seller and Online Marketer

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Cheers for creating such an awesome very easy to use software! I really like how you've set this up top be very easy install an use I know I will using this for a very long time Also, I am excited about the opportunity to promote this greatly needed product

Scott Foster, Successful Internet Marketer


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